Multifunctional pets dog cat cooling mat

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Product specifications: 30 * 40cm

Material: polymer gel, PVC composite cloth

Features: moderate cooling

Gel cooler is a new generation of mat products, on the market on the original bamboo mat, straw mat, leather mat and other cool products compared to the application of higher technology materials and technology, cool better, continuous cooler longer, soft Flexible gel and cotton fabric, so your pets can get a more comfortable cool sleep effect.

1, stylish and beautiful
2, soft and comfortable, soft and flexible gel, and the surface cotton feel comfortable.
3, cool, gel heat absorption capacity is much stronger than bamboo, can absorb more heat, so than the traditional bamboo vine mat can keep a longer time cool.
4, energy saving and environmental protection, the use of gel mat, the cooler longer, free plug-in, you can use less fans, air conditioning, and even free air conditioning for the whole society to achieve energy-saving low-carbon environmental protection.