inflatable cushion traveling airplane neck pillow

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Inflatable Cushion Travel Pillow The Most Diverse & Innovative Pillow for Traveling Airplane Pillows Neck Chin Head Support

Product Name:Multi-function Inflatable Woollip travel pillow


Filling: PVC 


Color:Blue, Black, grey


Thickness:0.55 mm after flocking

Have you ever had a relaxing sleep on a plane like this before?
We're introducing the Travel Pillow - the most diverse and innovative pillow for traveling
The inflatable cushion offers 4 different modes to take a rest or a nap, allowing you to find the position you like best for getting your well-deserved sleep.
With this Travel Pillow you can finally reach your destination happy and well-rested, so you can start your adventure right away!

-A new design inflatable travel pillow, it's very easy to use and confortable sleeping with this pillow when you by car,by sea, by air,by train

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